My new collection inspired by the concept the book of Ursula Priess (Sturz durch alle Spiegel) in some sentences in the book. Because it is about the relationship between daughter and father and that the subject is that more girls experience it. Sometimes these experiences are exactly the same whether you live in Iran, whether in other countries. And with the death of the father, for many years in the minds of girls is reviewed.
I also use in this collection of my paintings.
This works are composed of following sentences:
Seite 41
"Aber später, später sterbe ich gerne, schreibst Du, dass sie [die kleine Ursel] gesagt habe, während sie malte, mit stiller Lust."
Seite 30
"Eine der drei Damen, sehe ich, trägt goldene Ohrclips, halbkugelförmig – exakt wie jene, die Max mir damals geschenkt hat. "[…] Ich verstand ihn damals nicht, sein Geschenk zeigte mir: Er hat keine Ahnung, was mir gefällt und was mich schmückt."
Seite 33
"Warum aber hatte er mir Perlen geschenkt? Perlen entsprachen ihm nicht, und auch mir nicht."
My method is that I take pictures at first to the main subject, then with my paintings I create the desired spaces. Then I collage the pictures on my paintings. And finally, the particular elements of the image referre to the text of the book, such as the "brush" in the first photo, the "clips ear" in the second photo and "pearl" in the third photo.
Sometimes I take a picture and then I see main subject suddenly in my mind in another space. In this collection I have tried to portray these spaces.
The use